Reading Reaps Rewards 
Early Childhood Enrichment Program
    "Helping children to make books their friends"
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About Reading Reaps Rewards
 Founded in 2005 as a philanthropy program, The Reesie Reader & Bookie Literacy Club continues along with the Reading Reaps Rewards Early Enrichment program, promoting the importance of reading to many children throughout their community and abroad. We help children retain the value of wanting to be readers through various educational entertainment activities and learning programs.

Philosophy-Children learn best when learning is fun. Reading Reaps Rewards brings fun and excitement into learning which is key to achievement. A happy child, who is eager to learn, is an emotionally healthy and confident child that can succeed.  

Mission-Encouraging children to make books their friends, helping to foster the love of reading. 

Learning activities are fun and exciting so children can be confident in the learning process. We service after school programs, child care centers, schools, outreach programs,corporate programs, and offer tutoring services for families seeking additional educational assistance for children. Our live role model mascots bring smiles to many faces and can be seen during our Dance n Read educational parties as we bridge the gap between education and entertainment for a fun-tastic edu-tainment experience.
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